10 Reasons Why Trackies Rule

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10 Reasons Why Trackies Rule

Tracksuit Pants, Sweats, Trackie Dack’s, whatever you want to call them there’s no denying Trackie’s Rule.

Activewear has seen a huge rise in popularity both in fitness and streetwear and it’s not surprising, trackie’s are the perfect combination of comfort, functionality and laid back cool. With this increased demand we have seen an explosion of new designs and style innovations coming from the different dance, music and fashion cultures that embrace their versatility. So its never been a better time to add a couple of pairs of new sweats to your wardrobe.

Here are 10 reasons why Trackies Rule


If you want to get moving then you gotta have sweats, no matter if your training at the gym or meeting up with your team for practice, trackies are the wardrobe back bone of any sportsperson, athlete or active go getter. Put on a pair of these bad boys and you have practically done your warm up already, sweat them out, wash, wear repeat. A nice aged pair of sweats is proof you have been putting in work, wear them like a badge of honour.

10 Reasons why trackies rule


Don’t exercise? No Sweat. Trackie’s have still got you covered as these dynamic and reliable ass huggers are ideal for any lifestyle. You want to spend all day on the laying around watching reality shows, eating pizza and stalking your ex on the gram? You’re in the right gear. Want to finally extract yourself from the couch sleep walk to your room and throw yourself into bed?  Your ready to go, trackies perfectly transition into pyjamas, that’s living in 3018 right there.


After a long day at work, coming home to a nice hot shower and slipping into a comfy pair of trackie dacks is as good as it gets. You have been waiting until the final episode of Game of Thrones or Westworld has come out and now you are settling in for a long stretch that you know is going to go into the small hours. They may be called joggers but its during an HBO Marathon that trackie's really shine. So get that that cheese plate and a bottle of wine ready, settle into the couch and relax into binge watching TV heaven.

10 Reasons why trackies rule


FUN FACT: A full Tracksuit consisting of matching top and bottoms is 100% Legit. They are the power pant suit of the spin class, the ballers ensemble, the hip hop tuxedo, the break-dancers kevlar vest, the suit and tie of the streets, the official uniform of the couch commando. When you want to say “I came here to play” and “you better believe I don’t play” at the same time, a full tracksuit is the dress du jour.


Sleep overs are fun, no matter if it’s a planned party, a drunk friend crashing or a pleasant and unexpected overnight guest. When you are well equipped with a spare pair of sweats you are the perfect host in waiting. 100% comfortable, virtually guaranteed to fit, warm and comforting, pretty much unisex and can be incredibly sexy. I mean tell me a girl throwing on a guys oversize sweater with a bare shoulder poking out the neck isn’t cute as it gets? And no doubt more than one guy has jumped into a pair of girls trackie dacks to raid the fridge in the middle of the night, they maybe pink and a little small but you know you were checking out his ass in them. In conclusion there is no such thing as a walk of shame if you got trackie dacks on.

10 Reasons why trackies rule


This one is simple, the first rule of zombie land is cardio, you never know when the shits about to go down and if you are wearing a pair of trackie's you are always ready to run. So if you plan on surviving the zombie apocalypse and rebuilding the world as we know it, better get your ass into some sweats pronto.


There are few things you can wear matching with your squad, crew, team or troop that rule more than tracksuits. When you roll up in a set of matching sweats, everybody knows you mean business, team work makes the dream work and your team is looking fly as hell in those trackies.


It’s raining and cold and all you want to do is cuddle up with bae and get into some Netflix. Are you going to wear jeans to bed? I don’t think so, can you really get all kinds of cosy on the couch in that tight skirt or those chinos? I doubt it, when it comes to snuggle time no other clothing item even comes close to trackies. I don’t know if you have ever tied to get out of a pair of tight jeans while pretending to still be watching the notebook but that ish ain’t easy fam, if you want to Netflix and chill out of those pants in a hurry I know what kind of pants I’d be wearing. 


If you think you don’t need to be ready for a dance battle at all times then like DJ Khaled said “Congratulations, you just played yourself”. If some crazy loco steps up, then you got to be ready to step back and bust out some killer moves, but you can’t very well bust out a Killer Flare in your typical 9-5 office wear, no if you want to represent you have to wear sweats.

I firmly believe if more people were wearing trackies we wouldn’t have half of the wars and disagreements we have today. Imagine a couple of politicians out of those stuffy suits and hammering out some legislation while popping and locking their way to a new health care plan or some Military leaders, out of those uniforms and into some sweats, Electric Boogalooing their way to peace. I’m telling you I’m right about this one.


And by far the most import reason of all why trackies rule, the ever so simple but mightily important; Junk Comfort. You know how the old saying goes “Happy Junk, No funk” well maybe they don’t say that, but they should. I don’t know a single person who is nice to be around if their junk is packed too tight, and I dare anyone to say they feel good with a sweaty box or an itchy sack. Plus besides looking fresh as fuck, think of all the health risks avoided by not wearing tight clothes like low sperm counts, increased varicose veins and cellulite, poor digestion, back pains fungal infections and poor blood flow. If we want to build a better tomorrow we can do a lot worse than improving junk comfort and the best way to do that is with a new pair of trackie dacks, which rule.

10 Reasons why trackies rule