Tracksuit Pants Rise to the Top of Street Wear Fashion

Tracksuit Pants Rise to the Top of Street Wear Fashion

Nobody saw it coming but good old Trackie Dacks have gone from bum around the house wear to the height of street style fashion, thanks in part to the rise of sports and hip hop superstars and to the designers who have embraced the music, skate, dance and fitness sub cultures.

Here is a brief history of how Tracksuit pants became a must have street style fashion item in your wardrobe.


The tracksuit was born in 1939 by Émile Camuset, Le Coq Sportif’s founder and was launced at the New York World Fair as part of a growing sporting brand. The Sweat Suit was soon dubbed the ‘sunday uniform’. Thats right Trackie Dacks are French. Tres Chic


A major milestone in tracksuits rise to the top was Adidas release of the “Kaiser”. When the Franz Beckenbauer tracksuit model celebrated its debut, it became the first piece of three stripe apparel for Adidas and opened a whole new business to a company that until then was only known for shoes. 

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With the ‘70s deep dive into disco inferno, the genre created a culture that would blend the casual and the gaudy. It’s a cocaine fuelled time that helped make jumpsuits and by extension, trackies an everyday sight. Add in the rise of kung-fu films and athletic actors like Bruce Lee—whose kick ass yellow one-piece tracksuit from Game of Death is a Hollywood icon in and of itself—and the tracksuit could be considered as outfit all on its own.


With their dark tracksuits and unlaced sneakers, RUN-DMC's style defined the hip-hop look for decades. With gold chains and fly headwear thrown in for good measure the group combined street wear styles to form a look that at once said we are a team but also maintained individual styles. In 1986 Run-D.M.C. released their seminal track “My Adidas” endorsing the brand and cementing the relationship between hip hop culture and active wear forever.

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By the ‘90s, the tracksuit itself was a mainstay of both on-field athletic staple, as well as a hip-hop fashion icon. With major Olympic Games in 1992 and 1996, especially with ‘92’s Barcelona basketball “Dream Team,” tracksuits—now covered in vivid graphic designs—were continuing their upward rise to the top of street fashion. While earlier decades focused on a slim fit, these styles were cut with a relaxed fit, making them perfect for pre and post-game attire, but also perfect for chilling out in style.

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In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Guys like Jay-Z and Puff Daddy used their music fame, personas and respective clothing labels Roca Wear and Sean Jean to kick start the mentality that wearing a tracksuit on the reg meant you were so well paid that you didn’t need to sweat things like “getting dressed.” Can't stop, won't stop, bad boy for life. 

Jay Z & Puffy

In a TMZ-fueled 2000’s, the tracksuit gained new life as paparazzi shots captured a new wave of celebrities going about their daily lives in soft velour Juicy Couture. In her 2004 wedding to Kevin Federline , Britney Spears decked out her entire wedding party in custom tracksuits.

Tracksuit Pants 2000s

Shows like The Sopranos and films like The Departed attached the tracksuit to mafia culture, giving people an idea of what to wear when you’re giving orders and making money without even leaving the house. Looking for the perfect outfit to plan a caper? Get yourself into a fresh two piece and head over to Bada Bing.

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Sweatpants hit the catwalk, with Gucci, Hermès and Balmain making it perfectly acceptable to get about in your trackies, as tracksuit pants become a legitimate high fashion option. The hip hop community continues to co-sign their affiliation with active wear with new fashion icons like ASAP Rocky, Travis Scott, Kanye West and Migos combining high fashion and active street wear into a heady new blend of Street Style Fashion.


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There you have it a comprehensive timeline of the Humble Tracksuit Pants Rise to the Top of Street Wear Fashion.